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 ESFA Referees Branch » Assistant Ref Required 2016 Season 
ESFA Referees Branch
Assistant Ref Required   Text only, suitable for printing
Time Grade Home Away Ground Notes Required
Wed 22nd Jun, 2016   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
7:30pm  AA/1 QPARKAAM/1 MACCSAAM/1 Hensley Athletic   2
6:30pm  AA/5 COOGEEAAM/5 UNSWAAM/5 Chifley Sports 1 ESFA Trophy - Str8 to pens if drawn at full time 2
6:00pm  13/1 MUSCU13/1 QPARKU13/1 Kenso Coral Sea 2   2
Thu 23rd Jun, 2016   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
6:40pm  AAW/4 MACCSAAW/4 COOGEEAAW/4 Hensley Athletic 35 minute halves - game must finish by 8:00pm 2
6:30pm  16/1 PAGU16/1 MUSCU16/1 Gold* Jellicoe 1   2
7:30pm  16/1 MACU16/1 Blue EASTSU16/1 Reg Bartley   2
3:45pm  15/1 MACU15/1 B* MACU15/1 A* Christison Park 1   2
Fri 24th Jun, 2016   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
7:00pm  AA/9 UNSWAAM/9 B COVEAAM/9 David Phillips Synth   2
7:00pm  AAW/3 SYDUNIAAW/3 EASTSAAW/3 The Square   2
Sat 25th Jun, 2016   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
9:30am  AA/3 QPARKAAM/3 Sat EASTSAAM/3 Sat Bl Moore Park Synthetic   1
3:00pm  AA/3 DUNBARAAM/3 Sat SYDUNIAAM/3 Sat Moore Park Synthetic   2
3:00pm  AA/3 EASTSAAM/3 Sat Re MUSCAAM/3 Sat Go Queens Park 05 Forfeit 1
11:00am  AA/6 MUSCAAM/6 Sat EASTSAAM/6 Sat Re Coral Sea 3   1
1:00pm  AA/6 SYDUNIAAM/6 Sat UNSWAAM/6 Sat C St Johns Oval   2
3:00pm  AA/6 EASTSAAM/6 Sat Bl REDAAM/6 Sat Queens Park 04   2
11:00am  AA/8 UNSWAAM/8 Sat B REDAAM/8 Sat David Phillips Synth   2
11:00am  AA/8 SYDUNIAAM/8 Sat SYDCBDAAM/8 Sat St Johns Oval   1
1:00pm  AA/8 DUNBARAAM/8 Sat QPARKAAM/8 Sat Moore Park Synthetic   1
1:00pm  AA/8 EASTSAAM/8 Sat Re UNSWAAM/8 Sat A Queens Park 05   1
3:00pm  PL/F COVEPL/1 DUNBARPL/1 Alexandria Park   2
3:00pm  PL/F UNSWPL/1 SYDCBDPL/1 David Phillips Synth   2
3:00pm  PL/F PAGPL/1 MUSCPL/1 Jellicoe 1   2
3:00pm  PL/F PHOEPL/1 GLEBEPL/1 NCIE   2
7:00pm  PL/F COOGEEPL/1 WOBPL/1 Moore Park Synthetic   2
1:00pm  PL/R COVEPL/2 DUNBARPL/2 Alexandria Park   2
1:00pm  PL/R UNSWPL/2 SYDCBDPL/2 David Phillips Synth   2
1:00pm  PL/R PAGPL/2 MUSCPL/2 Jellicoe 1   2
1:00pm  PL/R PHOEPL/2 GLEBEPL/2 NCIE   2
5:00pm  PL/R COOGEEPL/2 WOBPL/2 Moore Park Synthetic   2
2:00pm  15/1 MACU15/1 A* MUSCU15/1 Waverley Park 2   1
3:30pm  15/1 MACU15/1 B* QPARKU15/1 Waverley Park 2   1
9:30am  14/1 MUSCU14/1 QPARKU14/1 Man Ci Coral Sea 3   1
1:15pm  14/1 PAGU14/1 C EASTSU14/1 White Rowland Park 4   1
3:00pm  14/1 EASTSU14/1 Blue EASTSU14/1 Red* Queens Park 06   2
3:00pm  13/1 EASTSU13/1 A* QPARKU13/1 Kenso Queens Park 02   2
3:30pm  13/1 HEFFU13/1 Yellow MUSCU13/1 Heffron 4   1
2:15pm  13/2 HEFFU13/2 Black* EASTSU13/2 B* Heffron 4   1
1:00pm  12/1 MACU12/1 A* HEFFU12/1 Waverley Park 2   1
2:00pm  12/1 EASTSU12/1 A* QPARKU12/1 Earls Queens Park 02   1
11:00am  12/2 MUSCU12/2 Green PAGU12/2 B Coral Sea 2   1
Sun 26th Jun, 2016   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
1:00pm  AA/1 QPARKAAM/1 BWORTHAAM/1 Moore Park Synthetic   2
3:00pm  AA/1 COOGEEAAM/1 SYDUNIAAM/1 Heffron 46   2
3:00pm  AA/1 MASCAAM/1 SEEAAM/1 L'Estrange Park   2
3:00pm  AA/1 DUNBARAAM/1 MACCSAAM/1 Reg Bartley   2
1:00pm  AA/2 COOGEEAAM/2 QPARKAAM/2 Heffron 46   2
1:00pm  AA/2 DUNBARAAM/2 MACCSAAM/2 Reg Bartley   2
3:00pm  AA/2 WOBAAM/2 COVEAAM/2 Centennial Park 04   2
3:00pm  AA/2 REDAAM/2 BWORTHAAM/2 Turruwul   2
11:00am  AA/3 MACCSAAM/3 B* COOGEEAAM/3 Centennial Park 10   2
3:00pm  AA/3 MUSCAAM/3 DUNBARAAM/3 Coral Sea 1   2
3:00pm  AA/3 HEFFAAM/3 REDAAM/3 Heffron 4   2
3:00pm  AA/3 SYDUNIAAM/3 MASCAAM/3 St Johns Oval   2
11:00am  AA/4 DUNBARAAM/4 MACCSAAM/4 A* Reg Bartley   2
1:00pm  AA/4 COVEAAM/4 HEFFAAM/4 Alexandria Park   2
3:00pm  AA/4 EASTSAAM/4 SYDUNIAAM/4 Queens Park 02   2
9:00am  AA/5 DUNBARAAM/5 B QPARKAAM/5 Ranger Reg Bartley   2
11:00am  AA/5 MASCAAM/5 COOGEEAAM/5 L'Estrange Park   1
1:00pm  AA/5 MUSCAAM/5 DUNBARAAM/5 A Coral Sea 3   2
1:00pm  AA/5 QPARKAAM/5 Lions PAGAAM/5 Queens Park 06   2
9:00am  AA/6 QPARKAAM/6 COVEAAM/6 Waverley Park 2   2
11:00am  AA/6 COOGEEAAM/6 MACCSAAM/6 Heffron 46   2
1:00pm  AA/6 SEEAAM/6 BWORTHAAM/6 Heffron 53   1
1:00pm  AA/6 REDAAM/6 DUNBARAAM/6 Turruwul   2
9:00am  AA/7 COOGEEAAM/7 COVEAAM/7 B Heffron 46   2
11:00am  AA/7 COVEAAM/7 A EASTSAAM/7 Alexandria Park   1
11:00am  AA/7 SYDUNIAAM/7 KYTAAM/7 St Johns Oval   2
3:00pm  AA/7 LIONSAAM/7 QPARKAAM/7 Centennial Park 9   2
3:00pm  AA/7 UNSWAAM/7 MASCAAM/7 David Phillips Synth   2
9:00am  AA/8 SYDUNIAAM/8 MASCAAM/8 St Johns Oval   2
11:00am  AA/8 DUNBARAAM/8 SEEAAM/8 NCIE   2
1:00pm  AA/8 LIONSAAM/8 HEFFAAM/8 Centennial Park 9   2
1:00pm  AA/8 UNSWAAM/8 REDAAM/8 David Phillips Synth   2
9:00am  AA/9 UNSWAAM/9 B COVEAAM/9 David Phillips Synth   2
11:00am  AA/9 QPARKAAM/9 REDAAM/9 Queens Park 06   2
3:00pm  AA/9 PAGAAM/9 UNSWAAM/9 A Rowland Park 4   2
11:00am  AAW/1 WOBAAW/1 MUSCAAW/1 Moore Park Synthetic   2
3:00pm  AAW/1 QPARKAAW/1 COOGEEAAW/1 Moore Park Synthetic   2
9:00am  AAW/2 COVEAAW/2 MUSCAAW/2 Alexandria Park   1
9:00am  AAW/2 WOBAAW/2 COOGEEAAW/2 Moore Park Synthetic   2
11:00am  AAW/2 QPARKAAW/2 PAGAAW/2 Waverley Park 2   2
3:00pm  AAW/2 MACCSAAW/2 SYDUNIAAW/2 Centennial Park 10   2
3:00pm  AAW/2 EASTSAAW/2 DUNBARAAW/2 Queens Park 09   2
11:00am  AAW/3 UNSWAAW/3 MUSCAAW/3 David Phillips Synth   2
11:00am  AAW/3 HEFFAAW/3 EASTSAAW/3 Heffron 4   2
1:00pm  AAW/3 SYDUNIAAW/3 COVEAAW/3 St Johns Oval   2
9:00am  AAW/4 HEFFAAW/4 PAGAAW/4 Heffron 4   2
11:00am  AAW/4 MUSCAAW/4 Angels UNSWAAW/4 David Phillips Grass   2
1:00pm  AAW/4 MACCSAAW/4 SEEAAW/4 A* Centennial Park 10   2
3:00pm  AAW/4 COOGEEAAW/4 MASCAAW/4 Heffron 5   2
3:00pm  AAW/4 SEEAAW/4 B* QPARKAAW/4 Heffron 53   2
11:00am  35/1 COOGEEO35/1 A** MUSCO35/1 Heffron 5   2
1:00pm  35/1 COOGEEO35/1 B* DUNBARO35/1 B Heffron 5   2
1:00pm  35/1 MASCO35/1 QPARKO35/1 L'Estrange Park   2
3:00pm  35/1 EASTSO35/1 WOBO35/1 A Queens Park 03   2
11:00am  45/1 MUSCO45/1 Gold REDO45/1 Rebels Coral Sea 1   2
11:00am  45/1 MACCSO45/1 A PAGO45/1 A Centennial Park 9   2
11:00am  45/1 PAGO45/1 B COOGEEO45/1 Rowland Park 4   2
11:00am  45/1 REDO45/1 Raider MACCSO45/1 B Turruwul   1
1:00pm  45/1 MUSCO45/1 Green DUNBARO45/1 Coral Sea 1   2
1:00pm  18/1 WOBU21/1 QPARKU21/1 White* Centennial Park 04   2
1:00pm  18/1 HEFFU21/1 Yellow HEFFU21/1 Black Heffron 4   2
3:00pm  18/1 QPARKU21/1 Bayutt MUSCU21/1 Waverley Park 2   2
9:30am  16/1 PAGU16/1 QPARKU16/1 Bayutt Rowland Park 4   2
11:00am  16/1 HEFFU16/1 Black EASTSU16/1 Heffron 1   2
1:00pm  16/1 HEFFU16/1 Yellow REDU16/1 Heffron 1   2
2:00pm  16/2 MACU16/2 Blue MACU16/2 Green Christison Park 1   2
3:00pm  16/2 MUSCU16/2 Green MUSCU16/2 Blu Coral Sea 3   2
9:30am  14/1 REDU14/1 EASTSU14/1 White Turruwul   2
1:00pm  G18/1 QPARKG18/1 Kangar QPARKG18/1 Leopar Waverley Park 2   2
2:00pm  G18/1 PAGG18/1 MUSCG18/1 Rowland Park 3   2
3:00pm  G18/1 QPARKG18/1 Wildca QPARKG18/1 United Queens Park 01   2
11:00am  G16/1 PAGG16/1 A RHOUSEG16/1 Rowland Park 3   1
12:30pm  G16/1 PAGG16/1 B MUSCG16/1 Rowland Park 3   2
1:00pm  G16/1 EASTSG16/1 B QPARKG16/1 Brazil Queens Park 09   2
9:30am  G14/1 DUNBARG14/1 PAGG14/1 B NCIE   2
11:00am  G14/1 MACG14/1 A PAGG14/1 A Christison Park 2   2
1:00pm  G14/1 QPARKG14/1 Barcel PAGG14/1 C Queens Park 05   2
11:00am  G14/2 MACCSG14/2 B MUSCG14/2 Christison Park 1   1
11:45am  G14/2 QPARKG14/2 United QPARKG14/2 Barcel Queens Park 05   2
11:45am  G14/2 EASTSG14/2 RHOUSEG14/2 Queens Park 09   2
9:00am  G12/1 PAGG12/1 B PAGG12/1 C Rowland Park 3   1
2:30pm  G12/1 EASTSG12/1 Strike MACG12/1 Queens Park 05   1
3:30pm  G12/1 QPARKG12/1 Redbac MUSCG12/1 Green Queens Park 05   2
Tue 28th Jun, 2016   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
7:30pm  35/1 DUNBARO35/1 A DUNBARO35/1 B Alexandria Park   2
7:00pm  45/1 QPARKO45/1 DUNBARO45/1 Heffron 46   2
7:00pm  45/1 MACCSO45/1 A MACCSO45/1 B Reg Bartley   2
6:00pm  16/1 HEFFU16/1 Yellow HEFFU16/1 Black Heffron 5   2
6:30pm  15/1 PAGU15/1 B REDU15/1 Jellicoe 3   2

Ground Directory
Ground Address Car Park
Alexandria Park Buckland Street, Alexandria, 2015  
Centennial Park 9 Parkes Drive, Centennial Park  
Centennial Park 04 Centennial Park  
Centennial Park 10 Parkes Drive, Centennial Park  
Chifley Sports 1 Bunnerong Road (opposite cemetery), Chifley, 2036  
Christison Park 1 Old South Head Road, Vaucluse, 2030  
Christison Park 2 Old South Head Road, Vaucluse, 2030  
Coral Sea 1 Yorktown Parade, Maroubra  
Coral Sea 2 Yorktown Parade, Maroubra  
Coral Sea 3 Yorktown Parade, Maroubra  
David Phillips Grass cnr Gwea & Banks Ave, Daceyville  
David Phillips Synth cnr Gwea & Banks Ave, Daceyville  
Heffron 1 Fitzgerald Ave, Hillsdale  
Heffron 4 Fitzgerald Ave, Hillsdale  
Heffron 5 Fitzgerald Ave, Hillsdale  
Heffron 46 Hillsdale  
Heffron 53 Robey St, Hillsdale  
Hensley Athletic Corisch Cir, Pagewood  
Jellicoe 1 Park Parade, Pagewood, 2035  
Jellicoe 3 Park Parade, Pagewood, 2035  
L'Estrange Park Sutherland St, Mascot  
Moore Park Synthetic Robertson Road, Moore Park, 2021  
NCIE 180 George Street, Redfern  
Queens Park 01 Darley Road, Queens Park, 2027  
Queens Park 02 Darley Road, Queens Park, 2027  
Queens Park 03 Darley Road, Queens Park, 2027  
Queens Park 04 Darley Road, Queens Park, 2027  
Queens Park 05 Darley Road, Queens Park, 2027  
Queens Park 06 Darley Road, Queens Park, 2027  
Queens Park 09 Darley Road, Queens Park, 2027  
Reg Bartley Waratah St, Rushcutters Bay, 2011  
Rowland Park 3 Banks St, Daceyville, 2032  
Rowland Park 4 Banks St, Daceyville, 2032  
St Johns Oval Sydney Uni Campus, Parramatta Rd Side Camperdown  
The Square  
Turruwul Harcourt Parade, Rosebery, 2018  
Waverley Park 2 Waverley Park  

Club Names
Fed/Assoc Team Name
ESFA BWORTH Barnstoneworth United
ESFA COOGEE Coogee United
ESFA COVE Lokomotiv Cove
ESFA DUNBAR Dunbar Rovers
ESFA EASTS Easts Football Club
ESFA GLEBE Glebe Wanderers
ESFA HEFF Heffron Hawks
ESFA KYT Kytherians
ESFA LIONS Lions Football Club
ESFA MAC Maccabi Junior Soccer Club
ESFA MACCS Maccabi Seniors
ESFA MASC Mascot Kings
ESFA MUSC Maroubra United Football Club
ESFA PAG Pagewood Football Club
ESFA PHOE Phoenix Football Club
ESFA QPARK Queens Park Soccer Club
ESFA RED Redfern Raiders
ESFA RHOUSE Reddam House
ESFA SEE South East Eagles FC
ESFA SYDUNI Sydney University
ESFA WOB Waverley Old Boys

Grade Descriptions
Fed/Assoc Grade Description
ESFA AA All Age Men
ESFA PL Premier League
ESFA AAW Senior Women
ESFA 35 Over 35 Men
ESFA 45 Over 45 Men
ESFA 18 Under 18
ESFA 16 Under 16
ESFA 15 Under 15
ESFA 14 Under 14
ESFA 13 Under 13
ESFA 12 Under 12
ESFA G18 Under 18 Girls
ESFA G16 Under 16 Girls
ESFA G14 Under 14 Girls
ESFA G12 Under 12 Girls

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