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 Associations » ESFA Referees Branch » Uncovered Games by Ground for week ending Tue 26-A 2014 Season 
ESFA Referees Branch
Uncovered Games by Ground for week ending Tue 26-Aug-14   Text only, suitable for printing
Time Grade Ground Home Away Notes
Wed 20-Aug-14   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
8:00pm  35/2 Endeavour Sports REDO35/2 WOBO35/2 B NO GAME WOB FORFEIT
Sat 23-Aug-14   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
10:00am  8/3 Brazilian Field 7 DUNBARU8/3 KINCU8/3 Blue  
11:00am  9/1 Coral Sea 1A MUSCU9/1 Silver EASTSU9/1 Vincent  
10:00am  8/1 Coral Sea 1A MUSCU8/1 Condors MACU8/1 Wildcat  
12:00pm  10/1 Coral Sea 3/4 MUSCU10/1 Yellow MACU10/1 Waves  
1:00pm  11/1 Heffron 4 HEFFU11/1 Yellow MACU11/1 Red  
11:00am  9/1 Heffron 4 HEFFU9/1 EASTSU9/1 Porto  
11:00am  9/3 L'Estrange 1/4 MASCU9/3 Yellow MACU9/3 Reds GROUND CLOSED
10:00am  8/2 L'Estrange 1/4 MASCU8/2 Yellow EASTSU8/2 Sydney GROUND CLOSED
1:00pm  11/2 L'Estrange 3/4 MASCU11/2 MACU11/2 Sharks GROUND CLOSED
12:00pm  10/1 L'Estrange 3/4 MASCU10/1 Orange EASTSU10/1 Lazio GROUND CLOSED
1:00pm  11/2 Queens Park 33 EASTSU11/2 River MASCU11/2 Yellow GROUND CLOSED
12:00pm  10/1 Queens Park 33 EASTSU10/1 Juvent OLYEU10/1 GROUND CLOSED
11:00am  9/2 Queens Park 33A SSF EASTSU9/2 Newcast OLYEU9/2 Blue GROUND CLOSED
10:00am  8/3 Queens Park 33A SSF MUSCU8/3 Cassowa EASTSU8/3 Brisban GROUND CLOSED
1:00pm  11/1 Queens Park 34 EASTSU11/1 Bayern MUSCU11/1 Green GROUND CLOSED
12:00pm  11/2 Queens Park 34 EASTSU11/2 Inter MACU11/2 Burnin GROUND CLOSED
11:00am  9/3 Queens Park 34A SSF EASTSU9/3 Estoril RHOUSEU9/3 GROUND CLOSDD
11:00am  9/2 Waverley Park 2 WOBU9/2 MUSCU9/2 Red  
1:00pm  11/1 Waverley Park 3 MACU11/1 Beasts HEFFU11/1 Black  
11:00am  9/1 Waverley Park 3A MACU9/1 Jaguars MACU9/1 Tigers  
10:00am  8/1 Waverley Park 3A MACU8/1 Leopard WOBU8/1  
11:00am  9/2 Waverley Park 3B MACU9/2 Blues MASCU9/2 Blue  
10:00am  8/2 Waverley Park 3B MACU8/2 Lions MUSCU8/2 Falcons  
Sun 24-Aug-14   Eastern Suburbs Football Association
12:00pm  9/3 Christison 3A MACU9/3 Sharks EASTSU9/3 Arouca  
11:00am  G9/1 Christison 3A MACG9/1 Dolphin MUSCG9/1 Skinks  
12:00pm  9/1 Christison 3B MACU9/1 Rooster EASTSU9/1 Benfica  
11:00am  G9/1 Christison 3B MACG9/1 MUSCG9/1 Geckos  
12:00pm  8/3 Christison 3C MACU8/3 Panther KINCU8/3 White  
11:00am  10/1 Christison 4A MACU10/1 Sunday DUNBARU10/1  
9:00am  G9/1 Coral Sea 1A MUSCG9/1 Iguanas MACG9/1  
9:00am  G11/1 Coral Sea 3/4 MUSCG11/1 Monkey EASTSG11/1 Wander  
12:30pm  G11/1 Queens Park 33 EASTSG11/1 Phoeni EASTSG11/1 Heat  
11:30am  G9/1 Queens Park 33A SSF EASTSG9/1 Spurs EASTSG9/1 Glory  
11:00am  AA/3 Rodney Reserve MACCSAA/3 A QPARKAA/3 R CATCH UP GAME

Ground Directory
Ground Address Car Park
Brazilian Field 7 Dickens Drive, Centennial Park  
Christison 3A  
Christison 3B  
Christison 3C  
Christison 4A  
Coral Sea 1A  
Coral Sea 3/4  
Endeavour Sports The Boulevarde, Caringbah, 2229  
Heffron 4 Fitzgerald Ave, Hillsdale  
L'Estrange 1/4  
L'Estrange 3/4 Sutherland St, Mascot  
Queens Park 33  
Queens Park 33A SSF  
Queens Park 34  
Queens Park 34A SSF  
Rodney Reserve Rodney St, Dover Heights, 2030  
Waverley Park 2 Waverley Park  
Waverley Park 3 Waverley Park  
Waverley Park 3A Waverley Park  
Waverley Park 3B Waverley Park  

Club Names
Fed/Assoc Team Name
ESFA DUNBAR Dunbar Rovers
ESFA EASTS Eastern Suburbs Soccer Club
ESFA HEFF Heffron Hawks
ESFA KINC Kincoppal Rose Bay
ESFA MAC Maccabi Junior Soccer Club
ESFA MACCS Maccabi Seniors
ESFA MASC Mascot Kings
ESFA MUSC Maroubra United Soccer Club
ESFA OLYE Olympic Eagles Football Club
ESFA QPARK Queens Park Soccer Club
ESFA RED Redfern Raiders
ESFA RHOUSE Reddam House
ESFA WOB Waverley Old Boys

Grade Descriptions
Fed/Assoc Grade Description
ESFA AA All Age Men
ESFA 35 Over 35 Men
ESFA 11 Under 11
ESFA 10 Under 10
ESFA 9 Under 9
ESFA 8 Under 8
ESFA G11 Under 11 Girls
ESFA G9 Under 9 Girls

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